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“Being deeply impressed with the importance of preserving facts connected with the settlement, rise and progress, civil and ecclesiastical, of this township…”

These thoughtful words from the preamble and the constitution of the Tallmadge Historical Society were penned March 24, 1858, in the Old Town Hall located at the southwest corner of the Circle and South Avenue. That was the organizational meeting of what is now the oldest historical society in the State of Ohio.

The founders included a number of prominent men whose names still grace Tallmadge landmarks and streets. From Connecticut Puritan stock, they were imbued with a determination to preserve for posterity the previous history, not only of Western Reserve Town 2 Range 10 (Tallmadge), but also of the people who had a part in developing Tallmadge from a forested wilderness into the currently beautiful city.

The Society normally holds six meetings per year. During the months of January, March, September and November, programs are held on the second Tuesday of the month. The traditional Annual meeting is held in April. A musical program is held to start the Christmas Season.

In 1979 a generous donation was given by Marian Upson Rasp to the Tallmadge Historical Society, The Trust has enabled the Society to restore and maintain the interior of the Old Town Hall, the second floor of the Old Town Hall, and the Academy was converted into a museum, using many Tallmadge artifacts. The public is welcome during open house or by special request. The remodeled first floor, complete with a kitchen, is now available for meetings, receptions, and other events. The Schenkenberger house, 35 Southwest Avenue, was restored in 2007 and is available during the Society’s open house.

What the forefathers realized many years ago was that history begins at home and why local history is vital to our National Memory.

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