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Tallmadge Police Profile

The Tallmadge Police Department proudly serves this community of 17,000, just east of the City of Akron in Summit County. Historically, TPD has been a community and service oriented agency. Our current challenge is to maintain those small community relationships, while training and preparing to handle more complex issues, as crime spreads to the suburbs in these tough economic times. Doing more with less has become the way of the world and law enforcement is no exception. TPD has gotten leaner, reducing staff by attrition, reducing ancillary services, and contracting with other organizations for some critical functions, such as: the Stow Police for dispatch services and the Summit County Sheriff for SWAT operations. Currently we are working with the Akron Police Department to increase our effectiveness in the Thomas and Brittain Rd. area. 

The department is led by Chief Ronald WIlliams as of May 2015, following and serves as the eighth (8TH) Chief of Police for the City of Tallmadge Police Department. The department currently employs twenty-four (24) full time sworn officers, three (3) full-time civilian staff, seven (7) part-time records clerks, two school crossing guards, and eight (8) auxiliaries. TPD is organized into administrative, patrol, detective, services and records divisions. 

Police Administration consists of the Chief, his Administrative Assistant, and one Lieutenant who serves as the Operations Commander.

The Uniform Division

The Uniform Division is dedicated to providing professional services in its continuing efforts to protect and serve the Citizens of Tallmadge. The Uniform Division provides 24/7 patrol coverage, which is comprised of 17 sworn officers, including four (4) Sergeants. This group of men and women are the most visible component of any police department. They are the ones who respond to every call for service, ranging from crimes in progress to vehicle lockouts. Patrol officers also take incident reports, enforce traffic laws, investigate crashes and conduct extra patrols as requested. The Patrol Division is often referred to as “the backbone of any police organization”. 

Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, a General Assignment Detective and a Juvenile Detective. They are responsible for investigating those incidents which require more follow-up than patrol officers can provide. They also investigate suspicious circumstances and conduct drug investigations. They work closely with the Law Dept. and obtain search warrants and subpoenas when needed. TPD is part of the Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN) and the FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (VICAP) to make better use of federal investigative resources.

Services Division

The Special Services Officer (SSO) is responsible for all property and evidence, crime scene processing, arrest and identification records, jail management, and all department equipment and inventories. He also works closely with the Law Dept. on issues such as forfeitures and immobilizations. Officer Ken Pospichel has served in this capacity since January 1, 2000. The SSO has one of the busiest and most responsible jobs on the TPD and is truly an “unsung hero.” 

Records Division
The Records Division consists of an Administrative Clerk, one (1) full time Records Clerk and seven (7) part-time Records Clerks. The Clerks greet visitors and answer incoming calls. They serve as deputy clerks for the Municipal Courts of Stow and Portage County and perform the duties of Jail Matron as needed. Police Clerks also process and file reports, citations and all other paperwork. Additionally, the Administrative Clerk: processes payroll records, compiles and distributes internal reports, forwards UCR data to the FBI, and is responsible for the management/retention of records. 


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