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The Auxiliary Unit is currently accepting applications. Members of the Tallmadge Police Auxiliary Unit are paid a competitive rate for city details. Members are able to make a higher wage on other duties from time to time.
No previous law enforcement experience is necessary to be an Auxiliary Officer. However, to be considered for employment an applicant must:

  • Be a High School graduate or equivalent;

  • Be a minimum of 20 years of age;

  • Have no criminal record;

  • Possess a valid Ohio driver’s license and acceptable driving record;

  • Sign a release for a complete background investigation to include inquiries into criminal history, driver’s license and driving record, law enforcement records, employment history and performance, and any other checks deemed necessary;

  • Pass an interview and thorough background investigation.

  • Reside within a reasonable distance from the City of Tallmadge.

Selected candidates appointed as Auxiliary Officers for the City of Tallmadge are non-commissioned and unarmed officers; however, they are permitted to carry Department-issued OC pepper spray when in uniform provided they pass the required departmental training. All uniforms and training are provided to the Auxiliary Unit without charge by the Tallmadge Police Department.
Auxiliary Officers are required to:

  • Comply with the Department and City Rules and Regulations/Policies and Procedures and adhere to the department Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics;

  • Work a minimum of ten (10) hours per month; (Allotments are made for vacations and “snowbirds”)

  • Attend monthly training, generally scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month from 7P-9P;

  • Patrol throughout the City and assist with calls for service as necessary;

  • Operate a Police cruiser after successfully completing an internal training program;

  • Make a minimum one-year commitment of participation within this Unit, in fairness to the expense incurred in selecting, training, and equipping new Auxiliary Officers.

The Tallmadge Auxiliary Unit is a proud force of men and women who have dedicated countless hours to the community and the police department. Auxiliary Officers regularly direct traffic for parades, high school sporting events, construction projects, and other special events as necessary. Auxiliary Officers also handle many department functions, such as assisting in the property room, delivering mail and running errands, working as the school crossing guard, enforcing junk and nuisance ordinances, performing vacation house checks, and supervising the Saturday morning juvenile work detail.
It is important to note that to be an Auxiliary Officer may be called to work at all hours to assist with traffic during emergencies, such as severe rain storms or severe accidents, and officers may even be tasked with handling outside security at crime scenes.
The Auxiliary Unit is the department’s extra eyes in the parks and neighborhoods and officers can issue parking citations during high traffic events, such as the Summit County Fair and the Tallmadge Circle Festival. The Police Chaplain, Reverend William Michaels, is a member of the Auxiliary.
For further information contact the office of the Chief of Police at 330-633-4066.

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