What are CodeRED Emergency Alerts?
The CodeRED Emergency Alert system is the official emergency alert system for the City of Tallmadge, Ohio. CodeRED will automatically call, text, send TDD transmissions, Email, and post alerts on its mobile app in the event of an emergency such as a boil alert or an evacuation notice. It will also notify citizens when severe weather (tornado, severe thunderstorm, or flash flood) warnings are issued by the National Weather Service for your address. Winter Storm warnings are also included but are limited to text-based massaging only to registered Email addresses and cellular phone numbers.

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1. What are CodeRED Emergency Alerts?
2. What type of Alerts will I receive?
3. How do I receive these alerts?
4. What devices can I register for this service?
5. I tried to create an account for CodeRED but was unable to do so.
6. What is the CallerID for CodeRED?
7. How do CodeRED weather warnings Work?
8. What about privacy?
9. How do I Unsubscribe from the service once I've opted in?