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February 26, 2020 3:13 PM

Register for CivicReady Emergency Notification System

The City of Tallmadge has partnered with CivicReady to implement its mass notification solution. Available from CivicPlus and powered by Regroup, the CivicReady solution will allow the City to issue urgent notifications, emergency instructions, weather warnings, and even routine communications to subscribed residents via email, text message, and voice alert. In the event of a local emergency, those subscribed to CivicReady will benefit from immediate, actionable information and instructions sent via their preferred communication channel. For non-native English-speaking residents, CivicReady notifications can be automatically translated into one of 63 languages available to maximize the effectiveness of the platform in ensuring mass awareness of potentially impactful situations.

"The City of Tallmadge previously used CodeRed to issue emergency notifications and it will no longer be available to our residents as of April 1, 2020,” said David Kline, Mayor, City of Tallmadge. “We are now asking residents to subscribe to CivicReady to receive not only emergency notifications, but also optional notices for trash pickup, parking bans, road closures, and other information that they may find informative. CivicReady will integrate social media and our website into notifications as well. We feel this solution will allow us to quickly and conveniently communicate with residents when necessary to keep them safe and/or informed.”

Residents previously subscribed to CodeRed will not be automatically enrolled in CivicReady. In order to continue or begin receiving mass notifications through the CivicReady solution, visit tallmadge-ohio.org/CivicReadySignup to set up an account. If you have questions or need assistance with registration, call 330-633-7578 or email civicready@tallmadge-ohio.org.

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