COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency - March 17, 2020

On 3/17/20, Mayor Kline declared a state of emergency in Tallmadge in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This declaration is a formality that allows the City to address the numerous, unique, administrative and operational challenges that fall outside of City’s day-to-day operations. For example, here are some situations that the emergency declaration authorizes:

  • Funds or resources may need allocated to different priorities than were originally approved and appropriated in the annual budget,
  • Employees’ schedules or assignments may need revised to address situations caused by the outbreak,
  • The City may need to implement emergency plans and/or coordinate emergency plans with other government agencies, or
  • The City may need to apply for emergency funding from the county, state or federal governments, should it become available.

These are the same reasons that our federal, state, and county governments have ALL declared state of emergencies in the past few days.

This declaration does NOT mean that anything horrible has suddenly happened in Tallmadge. It does means that the City wants to be prepared to quickly respond to any situation that might arise from the outbreak, which is exactly what this declaration does.