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The City of Tallmadge is proposing a 0.25% increase to the city income tax to support our Fire and Safety Forces.

New funding will allow Fire and Safety Forces to meet current needs and continue providing the outstanding emergency services you have come to expect.

Proposed Funding Facts

  • The increase is projected to generate $1.2M for public safety
  • The 0.25% increase will bring Tallmadge to the income tax level of several of our neighboring cities
  • Tallmadge residents working where the tax rate is 2.25% or more (e.g. Akron, Kent, Macedonia, Munroe Falls, Mogadore) will not be affected by this increase
  • Pensions and social security benefits are not taxable and are not affected by this increase

Income Tax Rates

Munroe Falls2.25%
Cuyahoga Falls2.00%

Public Safety Facts

  • 3 stations (built 1953, 1976, and 1977) need refurbished or replaced
  • Fire/EMS calls for service increased 33% since 2017
  • Fleet nearing and beyond replacement age

Fire Station 1

  • Built in 1977 as volunteer station; many alterations since
  • Houses 3 Firemedics, 1 Battalion Chief, Chief, Deputy Chief and Administrative Assistants
  • No separate male/female facilities
  • No Fire alarm or sprinkler system
Tallmadge Fire Station 1 with a bench labeled "Tallmadge Fire Station 1"

Fire Station 2

  • Built in 1953
  • Remodeled 1973, ‘82, ‘98
  • Houses 3 Firemedics, 1 Fire Marshal, 1 Fire Inspector
  • Only has single bathroom
  • No fire alarm or sprinkler system
  • Less parking than vehicles
Tallmadge Fire Station 2

Police Station

  • Built in 1979
  • Home of the Police Chief, Captain, 5 Sergeants, 2 Detectives, 14 Patrol Officers, 2 School Resource Officers (SRO), the Auxiliary Police and Administrative Staff.
  • The facility includes six jail cells, a kitchen, a training room, offices for administrative staff, supervisors, the detective bureau, a roll call room, and a garage.
Police Station

Current Operations

  • Career + part-time (combination) department made up of 15 Full Time and 47 Part Time members
  • Operates from two stations
  • In 2018, responded to 3,125 calls for service
  • Is staffed by seven firefighter/paramedics 24/7/365; On weekdays Chief, Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal also on duty

What are the current challenges?

  • Increasing calls for service requiring more time spent on calls by personnel and equipment
  • Aging fleet with increasing usage
    • Ladder Truck (1995) 24 years old
      • Replacement = $1,200,000
    • Pumper/Rescue (2001) 18 years old
      • Replacement = $750,000
    • Engine (2008) 11 years old
      • Replacement = $600,000
    • Recommended Replacement Age = 20 years
  • Aging buildings that do not meet current regulatory requirements (stations 1 and 2)
Total FD Calls Graph
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