Law Director's Profile

Megan E. Raber is the Director of Law for the City of Tallmadge. Megan is currently serving her second four year term. Prior to being elected as law director for Tallmadge, Megan was the Assistant Director of Law for nearly eight years. 


Megan graduated cum laude with a B.A. degree from The University of Akron. She later completed a Juris Doctorate degree, cum laude, also from The University of Akron and earned her Master degree in Public Administration the same year. She worked at a consulting company and in the private practice of law before coming to the City of Tallmadge.


The Director of Law is the chief legal advisor and attorney for the City and for all elected City officials. City officials may request written legal opinions from the Director of Law in matters relating to their official duties. All questions of interpretation of the City Charter are made by the Director of Law. The Director of Law also represents the City in matters of civil litigation. Additionally, the Director of Law handles all misdemeanor criminal charges brought against defendants in the Stow Municipal Court. When requested by the Mayor or Council, the Director of Law prepares contracts, legislation, bonds, and all other written legal documents. The Director of Law does not act as civil counsel for the Tallmadge City School District.

The Director of Law’s office is located on the upper floor of City Hall at 46 North Avenue.
Raber, Megan