Water Permit Process

City Water Tie-in

for residential service
  • Apply for a water service permit in the Planning and Zoning Department located at:
    City Hall
    46 North Avenue
    Tallmadge, OH 44278
  • The cost of the permit is $1800.
  • Billing for water will commence once the water is turned on. A contract must be signed within two weeks after the service is turned on. If not, the service can be disconnected for failure to sign a water contract.
  • Contact the Water Department at 330-633-0851 for help in determining where to have the house line installed.
  • A copy of the permit is forwarded to the Water Department.
  • The homeowner is responsible for the installation of the house line that runs from the house to the street.
  • The house line must be 1 inch or larger and at least 5 feet deep; pipe must be Type K copper tubing.
  • House lines must enter the basement through the wall and extend not less than 3 inches; must be fitted with a stop and water cock (shut-off valve) - not to exceed 12 inches where the line enters the basement.
  • House must have permanent numbers in plastic or metallic numerals before water meter is installed.
  • If disconnecting a well, the Water Department must be notified to schedule an inspection; a meter will be set and the water service turned on once this inspection is complete.
  • If the house line is already installed, contact the Water Department to verify the location of the house line.
  • If the water line and sanitary sewer lines are installed separately, the line must be 10 feet from the center of the sanitary sewer.
  • In the event the city water main is on the opposite side of the street, the house line shall not be installed directly across from the driveway approach or sewer line.
  • Line must be straight from the house to the ditch or curb line, curled up to grade level.
  • No jumper shall be allowed at the meter setting. All such jumpers found will be removed and water shut off at the curb and not turned on until a fee of $40 has been paid.
  • Once the service has been connected, the homeowner or contractor must contact the Water Department to have the meter installed at the street and the service turned on when ready for water.
  • Service connection will take place approximately 4 - 6 weeks, depending upon the work load of the Water Department and the weather.

City Sewer Tie-in

  • Apply for a sewer permit at City Hall in the Planning and Zoning Department, located at:
    City Hall
    46 North Avenue
    Tallmadge, OH 44278
  • A contractor will tie in the sewer and notify the Water and Sewer Department before covering up.
  • The cost for a residential sewer line is $60.
  • A permit must be taken out if a repair is being made to the sewer and an inspection required before covering up.

Fire Line Charges

Diameter of the Line
2 inch Fire Line F
3 inch Fire Line F
4 inch Fire Line F
6 inch Fire Line F
8 inch Fire Line F
10 inch Fire Line F $549.28