Understanding Your Quarterly Utility Bill

Navigating Tallmadge Utility Bills

To assist with providing references to the portions of the bill mentioned, we have provided a sample of the standard utility bill.

View the Standard Utility Bill Example (PDF)

Upper Right Hand Corner

  • Identifies the three month service period the bill covers, as well as the due date and the amount.
  • Pay Gross Amount After Due Date is the total bill plus a penalty added for payment received after the due date.

Middle Section

  • Lists charges billed - water, sewer and storm water as well as the consumption in cubic feet.
  • Messages appear here from time to time as well as the consumption for the past 4 periods.

Bottom Section

  • This is the payment stub that is to be mailed in the enclosed envelope to the address shown.
  • Any address changes should be noted on the back of this stub.

Back of the Bill

Please read this area to better understand your utility bill.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 330-633-0851.