Sewer Deducting Meters

A Tallmadge resident using a sprinkler system for outside watering in the summer months can purchase a sewer deduct meter, which will allow a credit for the sewer portion on the water bill. The meter equipment shall be maintained and repaired at the owner's expense.

Application & Requirements

For more information on this equipment and it's requirements, please call the Water and Sewer Department at (330) 633-0851 Option 2

Prior to Applying

You may wish to check with the Water and Sewer Department to verify your current water usage. Use of the meter gives the owner a credit on the sewer portion of the Water and Sewer bill only if the water usage exceeds 2000 cubic feet (the minimum charge for sewer service).
An image of a sewer meter

Installation & Use

  • A residential 5/8 inches water meter must be purchased to register outside water usage along with a reduced pressure backflow device and must be installed (by a licensed plumber) and maintained by the owner.
  • The Tallmadge Water and Sewer Department will mail meter cards (used to receive billing credits) to be returned by the owner on the given date.
  • The meter must be inspected by the Tallmadge Water and Sewer Department before credit can be given. Upon inspection, meter reading cards (used to receive bill credits) will be left with the owner to be returned on the date printed on the card.

Installation Requirements

  • Sewer deduct meters shall be installed permanently in the basement, near the outside line used for watering.
  • Meters shall be horizontal and at least 48 inches off the floor and 18 inches away from the wall.
View a diagram of the meter with backflow equipment (PDF)

Backflow Device Requirements

All systems will be required to have an approved American Water Works Assocation/Environmental Protection Agency testable reduce pressure backflow device to protect the public water supply as well as tested annually by a licensed backflow person.

The Backflow Form (PDF) must be completed when inspection is scheduled and the form mailed to:
City of Tallmadge Water and Sewer Department
210 Osceola Avenue
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278

A form will then be mailed annually when inspection is due for the backflow device.

Requirements to Receive Credits

Owner is responsible for returning the meter cards to the Tallmadge Water and Sewer Department by date of meter reading in order to receive a credit on the sewer charges.