Peddlers Registration & Do Not Knock List

Peddlers Registration

If you would like to peddle/solicit in the City of Tallmadge you must submit an application including a photo ID and a $25 fee (non-refundable) to the Planning and Zoning Department.

There will be a background check that will take a minimum of 3 days to complete, and, upon approval, the permit will be issued.

For complete rules and regulations on peddling and/or soliciting in our city please review the Tallmadge Codified Ordinances.

Do Not Knock List

The City of Tallmadge offers a Do Not Knock List for all residents to prevent any registered peddlers and/or solicitors from coming to your door. Any peddlers and/or solicitors who have been issued a permit from our department will have access to our Do Not Knock List before canvassing our city.

You may sign up by stopping in the Planning and Zoning Department or you may print the Do Not Knock List form (PDF) for you and your neighbors on your street to sign and mail in.

Guidelines for Registration for the Do Not Knock List

  1. Only one adult owner, lessee, or occupant must register for any address.
  2. A signature is required
  3. Registration is in effect for five years
  4. Written notice to remove is required
  5. Only one street per sheet
  6. List will be maintained by street in a notebook in the Planning and Zoning Department.
  7. The Planning and Zoning Department will add a caution to check "Do Not Knock" registration on the peddlers/solicitors application
  8. Anyone solicited whose address is on the list should contact the Tallmadge Police Department the violator is subject to a charge of criminal trespass if the registrant wants to prosecute