Tallmadge Alerts

The CodeRED is service will send participating residents alerts relating to severe weather patterns such as tornadoes, flash floods, severe thunderstorms, and winter storms. When triggered by NOAA, the CodeRED system will send messages to Email addresses, hearing impaired receiving devices and telephone lines (business lines, cellular phones and home numbers) to alert you of impending severe weather. 

Not all communication options are available for all weather alerts.
All City of Tallmadge citizens may register with this services adding their addresses, phone numbers, and Email addresses to the system. You then have the option to select with weather related events you would like to be notified of.

If there is a change to your personal contact information, simply access your CodeRED profile and update your information.

All personal contact information registered in the CodeRED system will be protected, kept strictly confidential and will only be used for emergency purposes. 

To sign up for these alerts, you may click on the CodeRED line below and fill out the online form. You may also download the free mobile app to begin receiving Code Red notifications directly to your smart phone. 

If your having trouble accessing the site or using the form, you may also call 330-633-7578.