Historic Structures

The City of Tallmadge Heritage Commission developed a list of century old structures in the community to be included on the List of Recognized Historic Structures. The purpose of this list is an effort to save the existing historic buildings and the historic heritage of the community.

List Membership Determination

The List of Recognized Historic Structures determines which properties 100 years old and older are both of historic significance and in good enough repair to be feasibly restored or maintained in a condition that respects the historic features of the dwelling. Properties that can practically be maintained and/or have special historic significance have been included on the List of Recognized Heritage Structures. Properties deemed to be too deteriorated to be restored have not been included on the list.


This List of Heritage Structures is updated on a yearly basis to allow for structures falling into the 100 year old category.

Historic Structure Alteration

Based upon the recommendation of the Architectural Review Board, the Tallmadge City Council approves the List of Recognized Heritage Structures. Any significant renovations, additions or the demolition of these structures must be approved by the Tallmadge Architectural Review Board prior to completion. Contact 330-633-0090 for more information.