JEDD District

In November of 2003, the city entered into the Brimfield / Tallmadge Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with the Brimfield Township. According to the Ohio Revised Code Cities and Townships are allowed to enter into Joint Economic Development Districts providing each community provides services to the district for the purposes of facilitating new or expanded growth for economic development.

District Boundaries

The boundaries of the JEDD include predominately the areas south of interstate 76. The JEDD also includes the area north of 76, west of Mogadore Road and south of Howe Road in the Township. Industrial and commercially zoned areas of Brimfield are included in the JEDD but areas within the city of Tallmadge and other residential areas are not included in the JEDD agreement.
See a street map of the JEDD here.

Additional Areas for Development

There are significant areas for development within the JEDD in addition to the established Karg industrial park, the Sunnybrook / Forge Road area, and the land associated with the Interstate 76 and the Route 18 interchange.

Services Provided

Brimfield Township provides the following services:

  • Police Protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Street Services
  • Planning for the district
The city of Tallmadge provides economic development assistance and potentially can provide water and sewer services.

Benefits & Goals

The goal of the Joint Economic Development District is to work together to develop the Industrial and Commercial areas of the district in conjunction with the Township Zoning Code and overall development plan. Residents benefit as the area develops with additional employment opportunities while both communities realize increased funding through an income tax. Funds from the income tax are split by both communities and are used for the provision of services. Ten percent of all income taxes collected are set aside in a separate fund to be used exclusively within the commercial and industrial areas of the JEDD.

Joining the Program

New businesses locating in the JEDD are automatically included in the agreement. This is a long-term project with businesses and property owners also able to petition to be part of the JEDD Program as development takes place within the district.