Moral Claims Commission


The Moral Claims Commission shall consist of five (5) members including the Director of Law, the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council, one other member of Council, the Director of Public Service and a resident appointed by the Mayor, subject to Council approval for a term of two years. The Moral Claims Commission meets as needed.

Powers & Duties

All claims against the City arising from injury or damage from alleged acts or omissions of the City shall be referred to the Director of Law. All disputed claims arising from water and sewer service billings, which have not been resolved, may be referred to the Director of Law by the Director of Public Service. The Director of Law shall then perform an investigation of the claim affording a thorough examination of the facts and disclosure of evidence. The Director of Law is authorized to settle, with the approval of the Board of Control, any and all claims classified as legal claims in an amount not to exceed the general liability insurance deductible.

The Director of Law shall transmit all claims classified as moral claims, together with his recommendation thereon, to the Claims Commission. The Commission shall then hold a hearing on the claim. They may approve, reject, modify, or table a moral claim. If they approve a claim for an amount not exceeding $3,000, the Director of Finance shall cause payment of the claim. If the amount approved by the Commission exceeds $3,000, the claim shall not be paid unless also approved by City Council.