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Tallmadge police auxiliary


The Tallmadge Auxiliary consists of twelve (12) men and women who live in the City and surrounding areas and wish to give back to the community. The unit is in transition, and currently is a combination of part-time staff and volunteers. New members will become volunteers. 

The auxiliaries have dedicated countless hours to the community and the police department. They direct traffic for parades and other special events, and are called out at all hours to assist with traffic during emergencies. They are the department’s extra eyes in the parks and neighborhoods and can issue parking citations during high traffic events, such as the Summit County Fair and Super Summit. Auxiliaries also work extra-duty jobs, such as weddings on the Circle, high school sporting events, etc. They work numerous details within the department, such as assisting in the property room, running mail and other errands, school crossing guard, junk detail, vacation house checks and the Saturday morning juvenile work detail to name a few. The Police Chaplain, Reverend William Michaels, is a member of the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary Unit is always taking applications. For further information contact the Auxiliary Liaison Sergeant, Scott Christopher at 330-633-2181.

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